Advanced materials

through self-assembly


Product Overview

By exploiting fundamental scientific research, MesoMat's patented technologies leverage the power of self-assembly to allow for incredible control at micro and mesoscopic length-scales. Self-assembly, is a process by which components spontaneously, and without external guidance, organize themselves. We have used our innovative techniques to design advanced materials which offer novel solutions for a wide range of industries. See the materials MesoMat is developing and how they can solve your unique challenges.




Conductive, Stretchable, Flexible, Lightweight

With superior conductivity, stretchability and high flexibility, MesoMat's MicroFiber offers the next generation of technology for conductive textiles, wearables, sensors and numerous other applications. 



Unprecedented Lengthscales

MesoMat is actively developing patented technology which allows for the fabrication of coils at length-scales typically inaccessible to conventional manufacturing techniques. With diameters ranging from tens to hundreds of micrometers, MesoMat's MicroCoil technology offers entirely new possibilities for sensing, inducing, and harnessing electro-magnetic fields and other high-tech applications.


MicroFiber Bundle


Robust Performance

Bundles of MesoMat's MicroFiber offer enhanced conductivity and strength while retaining high stretchability and compliance. Fiber bundles provide robust performance for many applications. 


Custom Design and R&D 


Innovative Solutions

Our highly skilled team has a wealth of experience using the science of self-assembly to develop innovative solutions to demanding materials problems. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help with your R&D challenges. 


We are a startup aiming to revolutionize materials design and deliver innovative technology to market. Our team is passionate about helping to solve your materials related problems.

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