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How smart is your tire?

How much wear occurs on wet roads?

What is the optimal point to change the tire?

How much is the tire wearing during turns?

Is your tire wearing faster because it is too hot?

Is your tire optimally inflated?

What is the friction between the road and tire?

Mesomat provides deep insights not previously available to guide actionable decision, when it matters.

Why does intelligence matter?

Optimize tire design and lifetime

Mesomat is the first solution to provide real-time, in-situ measurement of contact patch length. Model, predict and increase tire lifetime.

Build tires for the future

Optimize tire R&D for the future of the automotive industry by using unique data insights to build tires for electric and autonomous vehicles.

Enable new business models

Use high resolution data from the tire to build new models of revenue generation for a long term competitive advantage.


Sensor-enabled platform provides high resolution measurements of tire deformation, temperature and pressure for new vehicle insights.

Sensor innovation

Proprietary sensors optimized for use in high-strain systems that are challenging to measure.

Real-time data

Miniature, cost-effective electronics transmit data to the cloud using industry standard protocols.

Actionable insights

Simple and easy to understand output: optimize efficiency, manufacturing, performance; predict and prevent failure.


Modernizing tire testing with in-situ contact length measurement.


Leaders in sensing technology.

Expert engineers: 4 PhDs, 50+ years of experience
Backed by top deep tech venture funds and industry experts
Built on fundamental scientific innovation and deep expertise
15+ successful technology deployments

Trusted by leading brands

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