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Fleet efficiency rides on tires. Intelligence rides on Mesomat.

Transform the tire into an intelligent part of your fleet to make informed decisions, prevent problems, improve safety and reduce costs.


How smart are your tires?

Are your tires leaking?

Are your tires giving optimal fuel efficiency?

Are your tires wearing too fast?

Are your tires too hot?

Are your tires optimally inflated?

Are your tires within manufacturer specifications?

Mesomat provides deep insights not previously available to improve tire management for fleets.

Why does intelligence matter?

Improve safety, prevent blowouts

Improperly managed tires are a liability and safety risk. Blowouts compromise your fleet, your cargo and your customers. Monitor tires to prevent problems before they occur.

Insights to increase efficiency

Transform the tire into an intelligent part of your fleet to gain new insights into road conditions, driver performance, vehicle load and route optimization.

Reduce fuel and operational costs

Improperly managed tires wear quickly and increase fuel costs. Use real-time, remote tire monitoring to ensure tires are optimally inflated to reduce costs.

How does it work?

Tire-mounted sensors provide high resolution measurements to guide actionable decisions that matter

High frequency data

Easy to integrate sensing patch measures tire pressure, rubber temperature, probes contact with the road, listens to the tire.

Tire intelligence

Improve fuel efficiency, ensure tires are optimally inflated, alerts for rapid tire wear, detect leaks.

Make your tires intelligent

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Leaders in sensing technology.

Expert engineers: 4 PhDs, 50+ years of experience
Backed by top deep tech venture funds and industry experts
Built on fundamental scientific innovation and deep expertise
15+ successful technology deployments

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