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Making electronic circuitry stretchable.

Stretchable conductive fibers for soft electronics.

Copper wires do not stretch. MesoMat fibers do. Our unique fibers and yarns enable computing and sensing in numerous applications, including soft flexible electronics and circuitry.

Enables intelligent materials that integrate into electronics, sensing and data platforms.

Stretchable by 50% while retaining conductivity.

Highly customizable and tunable for any smart material application.


Highly conductive

Conductivity greater than 40,000 S/m. Yarn resistance less than 1 Ω/cm with data transfer capabilities.

Extreme durability

Fibers tested over 1 million stretch cycles with reliable operation up to 170°C, with higher temperatures achievable. Resistance to various solvents and environments including water.

Seamless integration

Easy to interface with traditional electronic components using MesoMat proprietary soft solder.

Ultra stretchable

Stretchable by over 50% while retaining conductivity. Small increase in resistance with strain does not impede practical use.

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