Sensors to stretch asset value.

Material health is critical in optimizing asset lifespan and safety. MesoMat sensing fibres replace cumbersome sensing solutions.

comprehensive global health monitoring in contrast with traditional point or distributed sensing

thin fibers with low modulus do not impact material properties of the asset

simple implementation, customizable data extraction

Work with MesoMat to develop a full structural health monitoring platform

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Lightweight and thin

Diameters from 10 μm to 1 mm and approximately 10x lighter than comparable fiber sensor solutions.

No impact to asset

Thin fibers with modulus as low as 1 MPa do not impact material properties or cause delamination or failure when embedded into composites.

Durable and reliable

Fiber sensors can function over broad temperature ranges with customizable chemical resistance. Strain tested over 1 million cycles.

Tunable electrical properties

Full control over electrical properties with resistivities greater than 8 x 10-5 Ω⋅m (conductivity < 12000 S/m).

Global monitoring

Comprehensive global health monitoring vs. traditional point or distributed sensing with high local sensitivity where required (strains from 0.5 to 50 millistrain).

Ultra customizable

Various thermoplastic fibers for diverse operating conditions and applications. Simple data readout and connections to external electronics and systems.

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