Robust Performance


  • Diameters of 50 to 500 micrometers
  • Increased surface area gives enhanced conductivity, stretchability and superior material strength

  • Coatings can be readily applied to tune characteristics

  • Innovative technology for sensing, wearable devices, nanotechnology and many other applications


Seamlessly Connected

Stretchable conductive fibers through self-assembly. See how MesoMat compares to the current state of the art in fiber technology. 

Current Technology

Limited Stretchability
Not strechable or drastic loss of conductivity upon elongation which greatly limits potential applications

Limited Customizability
Expensive production using highly specialized materials limits practicality and ability to meet a variety of needs

Fibers are not robust at microscopic lengthscales limiting use in many high-tech industries

Low Conductivity
Typical resistivities of at least 10 3 ohm/cm are far too high for most needs


Fibers remain conductive upon stretching allowing for use in wearable technology and other applications

Highly Customizable
Material properties are highly tuneable and fibers can be readily adapted to meet specific needs across a wide range of industries

Robust and Mircoscopic
Robust performace from fibers as thin as 5 micrometers

Superior Conductivity
Very low resistivities for sensing, conductive textiles and other applications

Transform your technology

Let us know your material needs and see how MesoMat can solve your unique challenges.