Unprecedented Lengthscale


  • Diameter of 10 to 500 micrometers

  • Conductive

  • Coatings can be readily applied to tune coil characteristics

  • Innovative technology for sensing, inducting, nanotechnology and many other applications


The power of self-assembly

MesoMat is currently developing patented technology which leverages the power of self-assembly to produce microscopic coils.

Current Technology

Traditional coil manufacturing techniques fail at microscopic lengthscales

Serial Processing
High-tech one-by-one manufaturing of microscopic coils is costly and cumbersome

Limited Customizability
Expensive production using highly specialized materials limits practicality and ability to meet a variety of needs


Production of coils at microscopic lenghscales inaccesible to traditional techniques

Self Assembly
Innovative parallel processing for simultaneous production of many MicroCoils

Highly Customizable
Material properties are highly tuneable and fibers can be readily adapted to meet specific needs across a wide range of industries

Transform your technology

Let us know your material needs and see how MesoMat can solve your unique challenges.