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Smart sensing for industrial components.

Your system is only as smart as its components. Mesomat extracts data that was not previously available from from high-strain industrial systems to optimize performance, manufacturing and efficiency.


How smart is your system?


Mesomat provides deep insights not previously available to guide actionable decisions that matter.

What components are at risk of failure?

Is your maintenance schedule optimized?

Do you know what will fail and when?

Is your design optimized?

Was the system installed properly?

How efficient is your manufacturing?

Transform your system into an intelligent internet enabled asset.

Why does intelligence matter?

Optimize R&D and product lifetime

Real-time data inputs that drive manufacturing and R&D improvements to help optimize performance and longevity in industrial components.

Predict and
prevent failure

MesoMat proprietary sensors and deep expertise help predict and prevent failure in critical systems.

Enable new
business models

Transform your system into a smart internet enabled asset to unlock new models of revenue generation for a long term competitive advantage.


Sensor-enabled platform for actionable insights in critical industrial systems that cannot be measured today.

Sensor innovation

Proprietary sensors optimized for use in high-strain systems that are challenging to measure.

Real-time data

Miniature, cost-effective electronics transmit data to the cloud using industry standard protocols.

Actionable insights

Simple and easy to understand output: optimize efficiency, manufacturing, performance; predict and prevent failure.

Success stories

Make rubber smart

Transforming the tire into an intelligent part of the vehicle.

Prevent failure in critical systems

Monitoring high-strain building components.

Better polymer components

Optimizing installation and maintenance in industrial PTFE systems.

Leaders in sensing technology

Expert engineers: 4 PhDs, 50+ years of experience
Backed by top deep tech venture funds and industry experts
Built on fundamental scientific innovation and deep expertise
15+ successful technology deployments

Trusted by leading brands

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Work with MesoMat to develop the next
generation of intelligent materials.

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