MesoMat is creating the next generation of intelligent materials using the physics of self-assembly. We work in the world between molecular and macroscopic – the mesoscale – to enable material innovation.

Conductive wires that stretch.

We have developed a conductive fiber that can stretch like a rubber band. These fibres are ultra lightweight strain sensors that monitor material performance.

Work with MesoMat to develop

Comprehensive monitoring of material health, in real time

Customizable and scalable sensing options to monitor fatigue, failure, and fracture

Seamless embedded sensing, without impacting material integrity

Simple measurement and data acquisition

Our innovations enable

New sensing

Smart sensing fibers are paving the way for
optimized maintenance and asset lifespan.

Stretchable circuitry

MesoMat fiber takes
electronic circuitry and makes it stretchable.

Accelerated material development

MesoMat partners with industry leaders to accelerate emerging technologies through materials innovation.

We’re a team of physicists, engineers, and creators inspired by the beauty of self-assembly in nature.

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Work with MesoMat to develop the next generation of intelligent materials.